Fellowship Recipients

IPMI Scholarship for Junior Scientists from Underrepresented Populations

 IPMI 2017 has obtained NIH funding that will provide scholarships to junior scientists from populations that are underrepresented in research. We are pleased to announce the recipients of the award. 

  1. Can Zhao, Johns Hopkins University
  2. Chendi Wang, University of British Columbia
  3. Islem Rekik, University of Dundee
  4. Jie Yang, Columbia University
  5. Jie Zhang, Arizona State University
  6. Jingwen Zhang, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  7. Jwala Dhamala, Rochester Institute of Technology
  8. Line Kuehnel, University of Copenhagen
  9. Miaomiao Zhang, MIT
  10. Monami Banerjee, University of Florida
  11. Nathan James, Vanderbilty University
  12. Nicha Dvornek, Yale University
  13. Sarah Gerard, University of Iowa
  14. Shireen Elhabian, University of Utah
  15. Suheyla Cetin Karayumak, Brigham and Women's Hospital
  16. Yingying Zhu, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


The scholarship will include full registration fee (including conference accommodations and conference meals) for up to 16 eligible individuals. The awardees are responsible for their own travel expenses as well as any additional expenses. The application phase has closed, no more applications are accepted.