How to Register:

If you are a first or last author of an accepted paper, or if you are a member of the IPMI board or the paper selection committee, you will receive a registration link by March 20-22nd. If you do not receive this link by March 23rd, please contact

For anyone else wishing to register: please fill out the registration application at the bottom of this page. Note: you do not need to fill out the registration application on the bottom of this page if you are a first or last author of an accepted IPMI paper or are an IPMI board member; please see above.

Registration Fees:

Below are listed the different registration fees. As is common for IPMI, housing for the conference is on-campus. IPMI 2017 rooms will be housed in the Appalachian State Summit Hall Residence Hall. All rooms have two beds and two rooms each share a bathroom (with separate entrances for each room). You can reserve a two-bed dorm room for a single person via a "single room" registration. For the double room registration, you will be able to provide the name of your desired roommate or ask to be matched with a same-gender roommate.

Organizers, Scholarship Recipients: $0

Student, double room: $700

Postdoc/Young investigator double room: $800*

PaperSelectionCommittee/Board, double room: $1,000**

PaperSelectionCommittee/Board, single room: $1,150

Full Registration, double room: $1,150

Full Registration, single room: $1,200

Guest Registration (covers lodging, events, and meals): $470***

* Researchers within 5 years of their final degree qualify as young investigators.

** Please be aware that reviewing for IPMI 2017 does not enable a PaperSelectionCommittee/Board registration fee

***If you are registering a guest, the guest must fill out a second registration form. To do this, you will complete a registration form for yourself, subsequently click the registration link again, and start a second registration form for your guest.


Adult guests can register as a guest and stay on campus (registration is required). Guest registration can be done with the same registration account, however must be completed as a separate registration (see above).

Children are not permitted to stay in the Appalachian State dorms. Hence, families with children traveling to IPMI will require lodging off campus in a hotel. Nonetheless registration options for family members are available: please email Dr. Martin Styner at for more information.

Airport Buses:

Buses to Boone from Charlotte airport (CLT) and Raleigh airport (RDU) will be available on June 25th. Buses returning from Boone to these airports will be available on June 30th and July 1st. Charlotte (CLT) is closer to Boone and is the preferred airport, as such, there will be more buses back and forth between CLT and Boone than between RDU and Boone; hence, flying through Charlotte will minimize your wait time at the airport. The departure times for these buses will be scheduled based on flight arrival times collected during registration.

It is noteworthy that you do not need to supply that information when you first register, but you can adapt the flight information associated with your registration at any time. We will incorporate any flight information collected by June 10th.

Additional night:

An additional night of lodging in the App State dorms (the night of June 30th) is available (for an additional $84) to enable flights departing on July 1st.

IPMI 2017 Registration Application