Travel and Visa

If you require a visa, official acceptance letter, or have any other visa related issues, please email Dr. Martin Styner at:

Airport Buses:

Buses to Boone from Charlotte airport (CLT) and Raleigh airport (RDU) will be available on June 25th. Buses returning from Boone to these airports will be available on June 30th and July 1st. Charlotte (CLT) is closer to Boone and is the preferred airport, as such, there will be more buses back and forth between CLT and Boone than between RDU and Boone; hence, flying through Charlotte will minimize your wait time at the airport. The departure times for these buses will be scheduled based on flight arrival times collected during the registration process.

It is noteworthy that you do not need to supply that information when you first register, but you can adapt the flight information associated with your registration at any time. We will incorporate any flight information collected by June 10th.